A/C Doesn't Feel As Cold As It Used To?

When temperatures exceed 85 degrees people tend to rush to a shop and request to have their A/C checked. The complaint; it doesn't seem to be cooling the car down the way it did last week ,before the heat wave.

Once the technician hops in and turns on the A/C he notices that it seems to be working fine. To make sure he then hooks up the A/C machine and checks the pressures. Usually what he sees is that the gauges are reading normal.

When the temperatures get into the higher numbers it takes much longer for the passenger compartment to get to those normally frigid temperatures that we are used to.

Tips to help it keep you cool:

  • Avoid idling because the condensor needs air to pass through it like a radiator
  • Use Recirculate or Max A/C setting
  • Vent some of the heat out of the vehicle by opening your windows (temperatures in your car can be greater than 120 degrees)

If you are still not satisfied with your A/C performance have it checked because your suspicions may be correct and there is a problem. Some shops perform this check for free.

If you would like to read up on how your automotive A/C works check out this page ---


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