Aftermarket vs. Dealer

Aftermarket vs. Dealer Parts


Aftermarket vs. Dealer

“Do you use dealer parts”? “Are your parts as good as the dealer”? We hear these questions when someone uses us for the first time. Some people want only dealer parts. We offer aftermarket and original equipment options with all of our repairs. Most people trust that we use quality parts when performing any repair on their car or truck.

There is a difference between the manufacturer and aftermarket parts. The biggest one being cost. It is up to the shop owner to decide whether he is installing a quality part or not. Some aftermarket parts are made better than the manufacturers because there may be flaws in the original design that have been fixed in the aftermarket manufacturing process. Not all of the aftermarket companies put out quality parts. We use only companies that we trust or stand behind their product.

Our goal is not to only save you money but install quality parts that you too can trust and rely on. Brakes are a widely used aftermarket part. There are many different brands and types of pads that are used. Remember that when you want to save money you must sacrifice quality. For example if you choose the cheapest pad available it will still stop your vehicle but you may have squeaking when you apply the brakes. Those same pads may last a lot longer than the dealer pad but will wear your rotor at an accelerated rate.

We use only the highest quality parts and you always have the option of upgrading to a more expensive higher quality parts.



  • Cost

  • Availability

  • Greater variety for more price ranges

  • Sometimes they are better


  • Quality differences

  • Overwhelming selection

  • Some do not have a warranty


Aftermarket vs. Dealer
On certain repairs we recommend only manufacturer parts. Electronic sensors,Computers, are among them. Sometimes we have to educate the vehicle owners as why the added expense is required to perform the repair. But as stated before we leave the option up to you on what type of parts are installed on or into your vehicle. Feel free to call if you have any questions related to this article. For more information see this page for a more information.

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