Local Bodywork Repair Services

We’ll Handle it and Get You Back on the Road in No Time!


Listen, no one likes getting into an accident, let alone all of the work following one. From calling your insurance agent to receiving auto quotes to getting the work actually done, an event that took 3 seconds now requires almost of month of your attention. So why not alleviate some of that stress and get back behind the wheel faster? Whether it’s a scratch or a tiny dent, or even an entire side damaged, we can handle it.We also offer rental car assistance with our local Enterprise rent a car. Our goal is to have you leave satisfied.

If you are paying for the repair we offer different options to everyone.We can have your vehicle returned back to the original condition it was before the unfortunate incident. We offer the use of aftermarket or original equipment parts. With these options there is a difference in price. Most people do not know that some aftermarket parts look almost identical to the original equipment parts that their vehicle came with. We urge you to give us a call today (908)392-2837 to schedule your free estimate. We will have your vehicle up and running within the smallest amount of time  while providing you with quality repairs at affordable prices.



  • scratch repairs
  • dent repairs
  • fender replacements
  • bumper replacements
  • headlight replacements
  • mirror replacements

        and much more

local bodywork services






Here at Jersey Guy Automotive, our local bodywork repair services help take some of the frustrations out of the entire process. We’ll get your car looking brand new again with our team of skill certified technicians. We can take care of everything from buffing out a scratch, replacing panels, repairing dents, bumper replacement, headlight replacements, paint repair, or anything that your vehicle needs to make it whole again.



Don’t Neglect the Dents


Even if you just received a small bump or dent, it’s important to have it checked. The smallest dent can cause the most damage, especially if its overlooked. Dents can cause certain areas of the metal to be exposed, which will rust and deteriorate over time. This can cause other components to become problems down the road. Also that small bump could have done damage to components not visible without disassembly. We advise that you have even the smallest of hits inspected for your safety. It will only take a few minutes to check that bumper , dent or ding. Call today (908)392-2837 we are here to help


Not only will we help you smooth out the dents, and get your car back to its original form, but we will get you back in the drivers seat as quickly as possible. To learn more about how Jersey Guy Automotive can help, Make an appointment today or call (908)367-0242 now.

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