Premium Brake Service

brake pads,High quality low squeak brake pads


Our premium brake service includes the highest quality longest lasting brake pads. Each set includes brake hardware(where applicable) and comes with a 90 day no hassle free replacement. After the 90 days the parts are covered for 12 months or 12,000 miles to be free from manufacturers defects.

VGX Brake pad set with hardware We have been using this pad since we opened and have only had to warranty one set. We know you are concerned with safety and safety is our top priority. We recommend this to be your first choice if not going wiith orginal equipment. With a smoothe stop and low noise you will be glad you made this choice.

As we explained on our Brake Service page when you have us replace either your front or rear brakes we clean and lubricate all contact points and inspect your brake components for damage or wear. We replace the hardware to give you a like new stopping effort on those wheels.



VGX Brake pad set with hardwareIf you need front or rear brakes or pads and rotors all around we can help.You can trust us to keep your vehicle stopping smooth and quick. We provide this service at some of the lowest prices around. When we give you an estimate we encourage you to shop around for the best price but with that price are they providing you with the highest quality parts and performing the job a thorough as we do at Jersey Guy Automotive? Remember we replace your pads,rotors , clean and lubricate all contact points,perform a visual inspection of your calipers,hoses,brake lines,caliper pins, and at the same time we ensure to inhibit the rusting process by adding an anti-seize compound so we can try to avoid issues in the future.    After you have done your research call us (908)392-2837 to set up your appointment .

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