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check engine light services         One issue that many experience is when they turn their car on and find their Check Engine Light on. If yours isn't on at this exact moment, it most likely will be at one point or another. There are many potential reasons that could cause this light to go on.While many garages offer local diagnostic services for your car, Jersey Guy Automotive will provide you with a free evaluation. We'll take a look at the code or codes stored in your vehicles on-board computer.

     The most common code we see is P0420 - Catalyst sefficiency below threshold bank 1 . This evil code is telling your mechanic that there is a problem with your vehicles catalytic convertor. This doesn't mean it is bad it just gives your mechanic the affected area. A leak in your exhaust system can cause this code to set. A faulty or lazy oxygen sensor can also trigger this code. We have extensive exposure to this code and not every vehicle requires that expensive component.

Depending on your vehicle that catalytic convertor that auto repair shop is going to try and sell you may cost anywhere from $400-$2000 installed. Before you let them replace it we recommend that you give us a call (908)392-2837 and let us take a look at it. Within a short amount of time we can determine if your vehicle requires that expensive repair.


Other common codes:



  • P0401 EGR insufficvient flow
  • P0300 Random cylinder misfire
  • P0455 Evaporative emissions large leak detected


     If and when your check engine light illuminates it is just an indication that your vehicle senses something wrong. Just like when you are hungry you should eat or thirsty you should drink. We come across many other codes and diagnose them for our returning customers and for our new customers. We take the time and diagnose the issues and come up with a cost effevctive plan to get that dreaded check engine light out. If you need to get through inspection  or just want to make your vehicle right again give us a call. We will pull the code for free.


Generally evaluations for "Check engine light" situations take under an hour, making it convenient to wait as we diagnose the issue.


Here are some of the typical causes that trigger the Check Engine Light

  • Oxygen Sensor
  • Fuel Cap
  • Fuel Level Sensor
  • Ignition Coil
  • EGR valve
  • Catalytic convertor



service engine soon light is on

Is There a Difference Between a "Service Engine Soon" or "Check Engine Light?"



No. A "Check Engine Light" can also be known as a "Service Engine Soon Light" or a "Malfunction Indicator Light." For more information on what to do if your "check engine light" is on contact us today!




Other Local Diagnostic Services

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  Because every car has an on-board computer controlling many of components of your vehicle, there are ocassions where you are unable to identify the problem without a diagnostic evaluation. As we plug into your vehicle's computer we can identify areas that aren't running efficiently or are malfunctioning by analyzing the codes we come across. Once we've identified the problem, we can then present you with the various options or ways to resolve the issue. Not all check engine light code require expensive parts. Sometimes it could be as simple as tightening your gas cap or replacing a broken vacuum hose.


To learn more about our local Diagnostic services, make an appointment with us today!

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