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As our main goal is to have every client leave smiling, happy reviews and praising testimonials always puts a smile on my own face. It never gets old, each one continues to demonstrate how much I've really assisted my local community. Ultimately, that's exactly why I started Jersey Guy Automotive, I wanted to provide the surrounding areas with car services at affordable pricing. Not to mention adding a personal touch while still using deal or quality parts. It's always refreshing to hear a new customer express their happiness and excitement over finding us. They tell us how they've never received our style of customer service at any other garage and how they feel much more comfortable leaving their car in our possession over others. It just reinforces why I chose to open Jersey Guy Automotive with using this model, keeping personal care and satisfaction as top priorities. 


I'm currently in the process of digitizing some of my old testimonials while organizing my newer ones. For now, here are a few that I have received over the last few days:


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Joseph Kresefsky (via email)-

"Okay, so my wife's truck was in need of some serious maintenance - SERIOUS MAINTENANCE - we took it to Jersey Guy! Bottomline - I'm impressed! Very, very impressed! He saved our life! 
Sunday: My 2004 Honda starts sputtering - check engine lite starts flashing - Auto Parts store tells me DON'T DRIVE IT! So I had it towed to Jersey Guy...from Warren County.....ON A SUNDAY! Within two hours after the tow truck dropped it off, Jersey Guy had it fixed and running - I get a call...Come on down and pick 
it up!! Really? Yes!! --- Thanks Jersey Guy!!
Jersey Guy Automotive - my mechanic - my wife's mechanic! You've got our business!! Thank You Jersey Guy!!!"

Beverly A. (via email)-

"Last week I made an appointment for service at Jersey Guy Automotive which I couldn't keep because I work long hours.  They offered their pick up and delivery service.  Perfect solution!  When my car was returned I was advised of other services pending and the decision to do them was left up to me without sales pressure, I like that too.  And the PRICE WAS JUST RIGHT!  I am a very satisfied customer and recommend if your current repair facility fails you in any way that you give Jersey Guy Automotive a call... you will be glad you did."


Joe B. (via email) - 

"I’m a do-it-yourself kind of guy, mostly because I like to learn, but also because I rarely trust others to do work for me. With the demands of kids and my job, I was having less and less time to keep our 3 cars in good shape.  My wife pushed me to search for a mechanic we could trust and be our go-to guy for everything (our previous trusted mechanic was over an hour drive away).  After extensive searching through reviews online, we decided to give Alex from Jersey Guy Automotive a chance.  I was highly skeptical at first, but he invited me to bring my car in for a free inspection and walked me through everything.  I told him I was eager to learn and he proved a patient and able teacher, explaining thoroughly each of his findings.  He gave me practical analyses of what work needed to be done, which jived with what I had already been thinking, so everything felt spot on.  I now have all 3 of my cars under Alex’s care and feel confident that the cars are getting the services they need, not the services that the dealer recommends to fill their pockets.  I would recommend anyone to put Alex through the test and let him prove his worth to you as well."

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