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For such a simple component, a timing belt can cause a lot of unnecessary stress and frustration. If your engine has one, you should know how important it is to have this replaced. One of the easiest ways to cause engine damage or interference is to ignore your timing belt. For those of you that do have this component, if you are unsure of when or if it has ever been replaced should definitely not wait to get it checked. 


Providing your vehicle with similar functions as a bicycle chain, this rubber toothed belt weaves it's way through your engine's pulleys and ridged gears. A timing belt, in the same fashion as a bicycle chain coming off of it's sprockets will leave you stranded if damaged or off track. 


Those of you who have experienced a timing belt repair or replacement should already understand the potential damage this one part can cause. You also know it's not as simple as slipping a bicycle chain back onto the sprockets. 


Why Wait for The Problem to Happen?


It's important to have your timing belt checked regularly and repaired or replaced if any cracks or tears are found. Taking the time now to handle this problem can save you thousands in repairs or replacing your vehicle (if a large amount of engine damage is sustained). Our certified staff of mechanics can assist you with timing belt repairs or replacements. We provide local timing belt services in Central NJ and the Tri-State area to help all of our clients get back on the road in no time.  


Even if your timing belt does not need to be replaced, it can still cause the engine to fail (as this belt or other pulleys do) if the belt just comes off track. Avoid the stress and hassle and have your timing belt checked today. You can either make an appointment now or contact us today for more information. 

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