Volvo Dashboard Repair

Does Your Dashboard Sound Like its About to Fall Off?

As you speed down the highway (obviously abiding by the speed limits of course) you should not have to hear all of the creaking and squeaking noises coming out from your Volvo’s dashboard. What’s unfortunate about this occurrence is the lack of local auto repair shops that will actually fix this problem for you. It may sound surprising, but for these types of repairs you generally would have to go to a Volvo Dealership to have them service your vehicle.


Now, we all know the problem with dealerships servicing your vehicle. Not only will you be paying an arm and a leg for all of the labor and parts, but you’ll also most likely lose a whole day.


Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be like that. Forget about wasting your day in the dealership waiting area. Jersey Guy Automotive know exactly what it takes to fix your Volvo dashboard, and will have it done with minimal downtime.


We can get into the whole ordeal and process, but we don’t have hours to spend explaining every detail! Instead, we’ll give you an idea of why (1) THIS IS NOT A DIY WEEKEND PROJECT and (2) How we can help you save money and time.


Local Volvo Dashboard Repair services


Repairing a Volvo Dashboard


The culprits to the symphony of creaking you hear under your dashboard are your dashboard mounts. Over time, they loosen or weaken and have to be replaced. This process is anything but easy.


For starters, you’ll need a collection of over a dozen tools for the various screws you’ll have to take out, prying certain areas, loosening others, and disconnecting even more. To give you an idea, in order to repair a Volvo dashboard, the entire center console needs to be removed, electrical components must be disconnected, and you have to have a general idea of what you are doing.


Before we start the Volvo dashboard repair process, we’ll look and make sure all of the gauges and lights on your dashboard are working. If you’re evaporator is old, it could be a good time to replace that as well, while you have the panels off.


Why Leave it to the Professionals?

The fact that this service isn’t generally offered by local mechanic shops should be enough evidence alone. If it’s not, consider this. Skipping a step, overlooking an area, or forgetting to unscrew a certain component can result in your dashboard mounts completely shattering, which will only make this process even more frustrating. 


What can take dealerships a full day, only takes us a couple of hours. We’ll help you rid your ride of those annoying sounds, and ensure everything is tight and secure.Contact us today to find out how we keep you moving!

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